Incentives Advisory

Amongst ACFM core specialisation is to assist our clients in identifying and attaining Malaysian incentives, especially related to tax, that matches their business activities.

There is a wide range of incentives offered by the Malaysian Government to encourage investment activities carried out in Malaysia. Companies that are given incentives qualify for partial or total relief from the payment of income tax and other benefits.

We help our clients plan, analyse and evaluate their investment decision in order to apply for the appropriate incentives. Our consultants will explore which incentives are available and which provide the most value to our clients. We then assist clients on the application procedures for the incentives.

The direct tax incentives grant partial or total relief from income tax payment for a specified period, while indirect tax incentives come in the form of exemptions from import duty, sales tax and excise duty. 

Where appropriate, we also assist clients to amend or revise the tax incentive conditions imposed that our clients have difficulty to fulfill due to changed circumstances.

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