Environmental businesses not only require long-term vision, but reaching the goal of wanting to create a sustainable world for the future. There are no limits to the investigation and the efforts of ACFM EnC to create a less polluted future and achieve coexistence between humans and mother nature.

ACFM EnC will help resolve water shortages in the world and aims to be  a world leader in the field of water through their active participation in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), and operation and maintenance (O&M).

Our wide range of processes for custom engineered water treatment makes us one of the few companies capable of single point responsibility on a water treatment project. 

For applications such as boiler feed water, industrial process water, heating and cooling water, and process steam generation, ACFM’s customized and packaged water treatment systems and products have created maximum flexibility and value for our clients across the world.

Some components of the water treatment systems included as part of our service are:

  • U.P.W. Treatment System
  • D.I. Water Treatment System
  • Cooling Water Treatment System
  • Boiler Water Treatment System
  • Wastewater Treatment System


We have provided optimum systems with diverse combinations of unit processes such as a coagulation-clarification/floatation, biological treatment, media filtration, adsorption, membrane filtration, oxidation, reduction and sludge treatment taking into account wastewater quality and surroundings.

We keep up with changes in technology and gives every effort to satisfy customers by presenting the best solutions with proven state-of-the-art technology.

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