One of ACFM’s core strengths is civil and structural engineering and architectural planning for building design. We design industrial equipment supports, structures, access platforms, and virtually all types of foundations typically needed for today's plant infrastructure projects.  Our engineers and designers are proficient with structural modeling and design tools such that structural loads, stresses, wind, earthquake, and other environmental factors are all built in to our design methodology.  We take full responsibility for the integrity of our structural engineering deliverables.


In addition, we offer a wide range of service that suits your needs. We strive to meet your requirements and promise to deliver the very best of:

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Schematic Design
  • Installation of electrical equipment and wiring systems
  • Maintenance of motors and motor control systems over the warranty period
  • Installation of measurement and control equipment in pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, and other industries
  • Maintenance of the instrumentation equipment in these industries
  • Sales of instrumentation equipment
  • Whether it is monitoring and controlling the pressure/temperature/flow/pH of water, oil, steam, acids, air or food products, we will cater to your needs at a very satisfactory level


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